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Essential SEO Tips for Contractors

Posted by Chris Richardson on Fri, Oct 20, 2017

Today's Guest Article Is From Chris Richardson

Are you a contractor that is looking to improve their SEO so that you can earn more clients? When it comes to SEO you can always find new ways of doing things in order to improve the quality of the end result, which is to gain higher results in the search engine results pages. This consequently leads to more customers hiring your services as a contractor.

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Unique Ways Highly Profitable Contractors Reduce Taxes

Posted by Sharie DeHart on Fri, Oct 13, 2017

Contractors Reflect On This Year's Results As The Last Quarter Begins

Going into the last Quarter of the year. Time for some basic reflection about taxes. Officers in S-Corps tend to take payroll later in the year. Now is the time if you have not already been taking payroll. Don't wait until it is time to prepare your Construction Company tax return.

Next review your Estimated personal Taxes paid to the IRS. How much did you pay in taxes for the current year? Internal Revenue expects that you have paid a percentage Federal Taxes before the end of the year.  

Reviewing Federal Withholding for yourself and your employees to avoid surprises when your annual taxes are filed. Contractors who file as a Sole Prop or as an LLC fining as a Sole Prop tend to forget that payroll taxes on their net income is due. I call this “Chef’s Surprise” as it is based on Net Income. Everyone wants the last few jobs to pay before the end of the year.

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Topics: Save Money On Income Taxes, Checklist For Income Tax Preparation

How to Write a Winning Contractor Resume

Posted by Mary Walton on Fri, Oct 06, 2017

Today's Guest Article Is From Mary Walton

 Mary Walton is one of PhD Thesis Writers, community for students who are in the process of dissertation writing. Mary has a blog - Simple Grad, where she shares her knowledge about college life. Also, she is an editor and proofreader at Research Paper Writing Service.


The contracting industry is one of the most highly competitive business industries and you’re going to need a winning resume on your side if you want to stand any chance of standing out among the rest of the people in the same position as you.

There’s so many different aspects to consider and approaches you could take, but at the end of the day, all that matters is that your resume lands you your next job. Today, we’ll explore a few ways you can create this resume for success.

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Highly Profitable Contractors Control Who Receives Company Information

Posted by Sharie DeHart on Fri, Sep 29, 2017

You Have Ultimate Control On Who Has Or Receives

Information About Your Contracting Company

Financials statements are based on the information you provided. I know this is not a statement that any contractor wants to hear about their bookkeeping. It is easier to blame the bookkeeper for missing information. The primary keeper of all the documents is you, your spouse, your employees, your suppliers, your bank, your credit card company. The Key work is done by you, or whoever assists you have the power to give information to outsiders about your Construction Company.  

Who wants details about your business?  

  • Internal Revenue Service
  • State Revenue Agencies
  • State Payroll Agencies
  • Other State Agencies
  • Worker’s Compensation Provider  
  • General Liability Insurance Provider

Depending on the report it may be monthly (sales tax, business excise tax, other state business tax reports) Quarterly reports include all payroll related forms to State and Federal (Internal Revenue). Personal story. If you have any data that you can include relating to your list, include that in your introduction, too.

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Topics: Contractor Bookkeeping, 80 20 Rule, Annual Tax Return

Key Reports For Your Contracting Company Explained

Posted by Sharie DeHart on Fri, Sep 22, 2017

QuickBooks has over a hundred reports that can be viewed on a regular basis

You could spend all of your time seeing a report in QuickBooks and trying to find the way to populate numbers in the report.

Many reports are designed for specific things. Take for example the view of the Home Page. Just because the feature is on the Home Page in QuickBooks does not mean it is useful for every contractor.

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Topics: Contractors Need Reports, Cloud Based QuickBooks Reports, KPI

12 Signs You Hired The Right Contractor Bookkeeping Service

Posted by Randal DeHart on Fri, Sep 15, 2017


If you are a contractor, you know what to look for when you need to hire skilled construction workers. The longer you have been in construction, the more experience you have including a sixth sense about who is likely to be a good fit for your construction company team and who is not. 

You can spot wanna-bees, clowns, and firebrands in an instant, and you know that if you are thinking about firing someone; you are already fifteen minutes too late!

99.99% of Construction is "Tangible" which means you can judge it using your five senses. You can See, Hear, Touch, Smell and Taste it and you know when it is good or bad.

99.99% of construction accounting is "Intangible" including financing, taxes, payroll processing, payment applications, financial statements, cash management which means you may have to rely on your gut-feeling to know when someone perhaps is not a good fit.

I have a deep background both in construction, having owned and operated successful construction companies and construction accounting.

Just so we are clear, if you suspect I want the opportunity to work with you, you are 100% right! But, I know what you need is proof that I know what I am doing so let me condense several decades of experience into these twelve warning signs you hired the wrong contractor bookkeeping service.

Here are these twelve Signs You Hired The Right Contractor Bookkeeping Service

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Topics: Contractor Bookkeeping Services, Bookkeeping Services, Bookkeeping Services Compared

Contractors Struggle To Save Paperwork Needed For Taxes

Posted by Sharie DeHart on Fri, Sep 08, 2017

Tax Time! Corporate Income Tax Returns are due to the IRS by September 15th for S-Corp and LLC’s filing as an S-Corp

Other types of corporations may be in a fiscal year with varied due dates.

The only exception is any emergency extensions granted due to hurricanes (Harvey) or others.

Personal Income Tax Returns are due to the IRS by October 15th which falls on the weekend and extended to Monday, October 16th.

Keeping Paper Documents is necessary. Most contractors go from one extreme to the other.
One extreme is saving everything for decades, and the other is tossing everything out.

What To Save?

What To Toss Out?

We no longer need to print and save every document in file folders and keep adding new file cabinets.

Happiness is every document that can be retrieved electronically at any time in the future.

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Topics: Painless Paperless Contractor Bookkeeping Services, Paperless Contractor Bookkeeping Service

Contractors Need These Key Resources To Run Their Company Smoothly

Posted by Sharie DeHart on Fri, Sep 01, 2017

Contractors Need Additional Resources To Smoothly Run Their Business

Running a Construction Business is part serious, part white knuckles, part smooth sailing with moments of fun. Because those moments of fun can be few and far between every Contractor needs to have a little humor. Try to see the glass is half full when it really feels like you are in “The Wizard of Oz, ” and instead of going to Kansas you went somewhere else less fun.    

Worried man sitting at table with bills and laptop while his wife and daughter sitting on sofa.jpeg

To help free up your time we have numerous FREE Items on and located on We want to help you make your work time as smooth as possible.

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Topics: FREE Construction Templates To Download

Unique Strategy Massively Increases Contractor Cash And Profits

Posted by Sharie DeHart on Fri, Aug 25, 2017

Contractors Are Selling Their Time First, Skill Second


Value of Time – Your time as the Contractor is the most valuable. I hope you are doing the tasks that only you can do. Yes, you can do your contractor bookkeeping. My question is: Why Would You?

Your answer – I have a cash flow problem. Spending hours doing your bookkeeping will not solve that.
In fact, doing contractor bookkeeping yourself will be painful, take time away from the things you do that make you money and take a lot longer than having someone else do it.

Why, because every piece of paper has a story and your brain wants to replay the story (fast or slowly depending on the story). Say for example you waste an extra minute on every piece of paper. How long will it take you to finish all of the bookkeeping chores for the day, week, month or longer? This is after you have QuickBooks setup for your construction company and you know exactly what to do with that piece of paper.
As a Contractor who is serious about their business. There is only one answer to cash flow issues.  
Sell Your Way Out of A Problem (author unknown). With money in hand, you can make better decisions.

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Contractors Make Decisions Every Minute Of Their Day

Posted by Sharie DeHart on Fri, Aug 18, 2017

Making Decisions Never Ends For Construction Contractors Like You

One of the basics of good decision making is being adaptable

Think of decision making is being in a bumper car. You are constantly driving and trying to avoid the other bumper cars. If you hit one you back up and go again (reminder this is the only safe place to hit other cars). Rest of the time life as a contractor feels more like the Indy 500. You are driving as fast as you can, passing other cars, making pit stops, and scrambling to make it to the finish line.

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