Fire Fighter Construction Mis-Management

Morning Routine

  • Get out of bed early

  • Skip breakfast / eat something light / fast food drive through

  • Check voice mail and return some calls

  • Get a few calls while driving / try to take notes

  • Sort through the paperwork on the dash of your truck or van looking for something

  • Arrive at the jobsite / shop / office later than you intended

  • Deal with a few "emergencies" that should have been taken care of already

  • Employees arrive a few minutes late / in a bad mood / drinking coffee / grumbling / on company time

  • Phone rings and it is a customer wondering why their job is not finished

  • You get the crew loaded and discover there are some broken / lost / missing / tools and equipment

  • The crew arrives on the job site and sets up the tools and equipment and tries to remember what to do

  • You find THE NOTE your customer left asking for a tiny change that you could do real easy in no time

  • Which you discover is a big change and if you do it without paperwork you can expect to not be paid

  • Your cell phone rings; the bank says you are overdrawn and you need to fix it ASAP!

  • After morning coffee break an employee says "I just remembered I have an appointment" and leaves

  • You were short staffed this morning and now it is critical

Afternoon Routine

  • Skip lunch or grab something at the fast food drive through

  • Check voice mail and return some calls and get some more calls and promise a bunch of stuff

  • Get a few calls while driving / try to take notes with employees talking in your other ear

  • Sort through the paperwork on the dash of your truck or van looking for something, again

  • Deal with a few new "emergencies" at the jobsite that should have been taken care of this morning

  • Stop by the office to find out what the bookkeeper is complaining about; this time

  • Employees who didn't take lunch begin to slow down and get in a worse mood / drink more coffee / grumble

  • Phone rings a customer is asking where their FREE QUOTE is so they can shop it to other bidders

  • You run to the supply house to get more material, tools or equipment

  • When you return you discover your customer visited the site and has concerns

  • Employee hands you ANOTHER NOTE regarding a new issue which causes more delays

  • Employee says "Some tool / equipment just broke! and I can't finish _____Today"

  • You were already running behind schedule and now you are stressing out big time

Evening Routine 

  • Get the employees out of the office / shop / jobsite sit down and breathe

  • Pour yourself a drink, coffee, water something to drink and relax a few minutes

  • Check voice mail and return some calls and get a few more calls while trying to relax a few minutes

  • The phone rings and it is a new prospect asking for a FREE QUOTE they can use to shop other bidders

  • Sort through the paperwork among the piles on the dash of your truck or van looking for something

  • Grab a quick snack and start working on new bids for new prospects

  • Finish the bids and start working on the latest Quarterly Tax Returns


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