Additional Business Process Management Tips

These Key Concepts - If you understand and apply them can make you very wealthy! The challenge is that you will work harder and be more exhausted than almost any construction project you have ever been on.

The Reason Is - The amount of thinking involved because when you fully concentrate on something for more than 15 minutes it can be an exhilarating experience. The good news is very few contractors delve into serious DEEP THINKING which means those who do cannot help but make a substantial amount of money.

This Webpage - Is a collection of advanced Business Process Management Strategies that we hope you will find useful. Please check back often as we will be adding and remodeling the resources on this page.

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Here They Are In No Particular Order:

#0001 Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth - The number one bestselling book of all time is chock full of wisdom and advice for all areas of your life and excellent business practices based upon sound principles which have been proven over and over by many wealthy men and women for thousands of years.

#0002 Business Process Management Strategies (BPM) - Covers the entire method for putting a winning strategy in place designed to convert your construction company from either a Dog and Pick-Up Truck or Salt of the Earth to being Professional and getting paid like a professional! For the record we enjoy working with all contractors period. Randal and Sharie have worked in and owned all three types of construction companies Dog and Pick-Up Truck, Salt of the Earth and Professional which means we have a deep understanding and caring for all contractors and do our best to treat all contractors with kindness, courtesy and respect.

#0003 Profits Are Generated - In your office not on the jobsite. This is because in business if your grand strategy is correct a number of tactical errors on the jobsite and in the field operations can be made and your construction business will succeed; However, efficient operations including working harder, faster, longer and grinding your employees, suppliers and sub-contractors into the dirt cannot overcome bad strategy and your company will fail.

#0004 Chaos Impacts -Your bottom line in ways you cannot dream of or imagine and you will not realize it until it is too late to stop the loss but not too late to fix it from occurring again and again and again. A clear understanding of What Ten Minutes Costs Your Company and implementing BPM projects to eliminate waste. You, your employees, sub-contractors, suppliers and family will love your for it. Just beware once you begin to implement this tool you will see everything in different light and probably find yourself with a different caliber of friends because of the leveling up process.

#0005 Leveling Down -Your income is probably within 20% of the average of the six people you spend the most time with. This means if you spend time at the “Contractors Business Round Table”, a pitcher of beer on a round table in a tavern with 4-6 contractors all earning $40,000 a year net your income will hover between $32,000 and $48,000.

#0006 Leveling Up - Your income is likely to increase as you implement your BPM system as a result you will want to share your discoveries with your friends and I am here to tell you they are not interested! Very quickly your constant attempts to change your friend's paradigms will irritate them and you will drift away or be asked to leave. The next thing that usually occurs is you find yourself drawn into a different circle of friends who already know what you now know and they have been practicing the concepts for years if not decades. Since the six people you spend the most time with now are earning $100,000+ a year in net income what do you suppose your income will grow and become? Einstein proved all energy is matter and all matter is energy. Therefore you will become what you think about.

#0007 Construction Business Round Table - Little round table at a tavern with 2-4 construction business owners sharing a beverage and making certain no one in the group grows their personal annual income above $40,000.00 by spreading misinformation. This group tends to make deep noises from the chest sound like important messages from the brain.

#0008 Entropy - Has its origins in the Second Law of Thermodynamics and the concepts applies to every construction company because the amount of disorder in a closed but changing system in which energy can be transferred in one direction from an ordered state to a disordered state, the very description of most construction company warehouses, shops, vans and trucks. . The higher the entropy, the higher the disorder and the more money that will leak from your bottom line. The answer is CANEI

#0009 CANEI - Continuous Never Ending Improvement

#0010 DMAIC Flowchart - Is another visual aid to show how CANEI Process Improvement works. It is important to understand once your Strategic Management System is in place that is only the beginning as your construction company will evolve and improve or stagnate and die. It will either be "Green and Growing or Ripe and Rotting"

#0011 BCG Matrix - Graphical representation to help you and your marketing team to determine which markets to pursue and which ones to abandon. Click Here To Learn More

#0011 SWOT Analyses - A graphical representation to help you develop your business strategy and identify your construction companies Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. Click Here To Learn More
SWOT Analysis For Construction Companies
#0012 Board Of Advisors - Every small construction company owners needs to have a Board of Advisors to consult with on a regular basis. You are paying for them anyway so you may as well take advantage of this resource to make your life easier. Click Here To Learn More

#0013 Communication - A communication plan can save time and money and add profit dollars to your bottom line.  Click Here To Learn More

The Communication Model Formula - Fast Easy Accounting

#0014 Randalisms - A collection of ideas from Randal DeHart used to describe and document the behaviors and best practices about growing your construction business and earning more money to operate and grow your businesses.  Click Here To Learn More

#0015 Maximize Vs. Optimize - Why it is more profitable to optimize your business resources for the long haul rather than maximizing them and wearing them out prematurely.

#0016 Construction Worker Fully Burdened Labor Rate - Costs for construction worker on your payroll

#0017 Bookkeeper Fully Burdened Labor Rate - Costs for a bookkeeper on your payroll

#0018 Leadership Styles - Costs for a bookkeeper on your payroll

#0019 Construction Worker Thinking Patterns - Understand how construction workers think and some of the reasons why the do what they do

#0018 Professional Construction Managers - Understand how professional construction managers think and some of the reasons why the do what they do

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