Makers Vs. Takers

Makers believe it is better to make than to take; whereas Takers believe it is better to take than to make. This is the fundamental difference that separates the wealthy from the poor; always has and always will. You do not have to agree, simply spend some time with people from both groups and soon you will discover makers offer you a hand-up and takers ask for a hand-out.

Makers are highly successful contractors who have share the paradigm of all master networkers and by necessity they are makers. Their internal radar is continually scanning the horizon always on the lookout for ways to provide some small service and add a bit value to everyone in their sphere of influence without concern about how they might directly benefit.

They are not sacrificing themselves to the "good of mankind" or to the idea it is there duty to "Increase everyone else's wealth with no thought of their own well-being", in fact quite the opposite. They understand the unlimited supply inherent in the Universe and intentionally use "The Law of Cause and Effect" to their advantage.

The farmer plants small seeds, not large grown plants, into the soil and in time the earth obeying the laws of nature bring forth a great harvest of fruits, vegetables, plants and wealth. Master networking contractors freely give out small seeds of service not completed construction projects.

The seeds of service have value but they are not the fruit of the maker’s labor. It would be foolish for them to provide the services and not be compensated fairly. To do so always brings equal harm to the giver and the receiver.

In time the laws of nature bring forth a great harvest of contacts, some of which become relationships that lead to construction projects which in turn generates massive amounts of cash flow, profit and eventually substantial wealth for the contractor.

Takers are poor failing contractors who have share the paradigm of all those who feel entitled to get something for nothing. In fact the most wretched of them feel they should not even have to ask Makers to give them a hand-out. They feel that all Makers should give them the fruit of their labors as penance for some imagined grievance.

Takers are only interested in reaping an immediate harvest from every person or business they encounter with little or no thought of planting seeds or giving even a scrap of value to start the relationship. In the end they wind up bitter, broken hearted and with a tale of woe to rationalize or "rational lies" the results from the choices they made. In life we produce reasons or results and reasons don’t count.

The interesting thing is that Makers can easily become Takers and the opposite is true as well. It is all in the power of changes one's paradigm.

Makers vs Takers - Construction Psychology To Help Contractors Increase Sales And Profits

"Success is a few simple disciplines practiced every day

Failure is a few simple errors repeated every day" - Randalism

Are you a "Maker" which means you someone who connects with a large group of people and add value to your network and the people you come in contact with? Or are you a "Taker" cautious about adding connecting and reluctant to add value unless there is a good chance you will be rewarded?

Having gotten more involved in social media and networking I am finding a whole new world of good people to connect with. Over the years my networking has been in person so the idea of developing relationships on social media and via Skype conversations is quite a game changer.

Networking has always meant meeting someone and during the initial conversation to discover if there is common ground to make a connection. If there is then over a course of time Makers will find something to add value to the other person.

Stephen Covey describes it as "The Emotional Bank Account." His concept as I understand it is most people start new relationships with a small positive balance and as we interact we make deposits and withdrawals into and out of each other’s emotional bank accounts. After a while the balance can grow quite large and become a valuable asset for the Maker whose name is on the account or it can be depleted and overdrawn for the Taker whose name is on the account.

Makers have large, deep and extensive networks and they continually cultivate them by adding value. We refer business to each other; offer a hand up when someone needs it but never a hand out. When we walk into a room we are greeted warmly by other Makers and ignored by Takers. Life is good!

Power Networkers

When you come in contact with a power networker watch out! These good people understand and use the positive part of The Law of Reciprocity to the end. I have encountered these good people and they are truly gifts from The Friendly Universe.

Understanding Reciprocity

Here is how it works: You meet them in person, through a mutual acquaintance or social media site. You get to know them and find an opportunity to add a tiny bit of value to their situation. Perhaps a referral or an article they liked or even an answer to a problem they were having.

The next thing you know they have gone out of their way to return the favor and just like that you both are off and running. Each one on the lookout to do something good for the other one four or five times a year or more and other people not directly involved with the two of you will benefit as well. Life is good!

Over a course of time you will develop a close knit group of power networkers which can only be described as a euphoric magical party that never ends. These special people become your private confidants and sounding boards whom you can test elevator speeches on and they will give honest constructive feedback.

There is a synergy that develops where everyone knows it is a safe place to share your dreams and ambitions about ways to expand your construction company, gain more customers, get sound advice about financial management, support for writing articles or a book or perhaps developing a speaking career. It is great because you are among people you admire and respect who will offer a hand-up without forethought of personal gain.

To develop an enormous valuable network as I described is simple but not easy. You must become highly skilled at identifying and adding "Makers" to your network and find ways to make more deposits than withdrawals. When someone invites you to join their social media group check it out and if it fits with your core values accept.

In the early days of social networking when it was fast and easy to develop large networks. Now is appears a few Takers have caused a major shift in how we connect. I still invite lots of people to all of the networks I am involved with and a few are quick to reply they do not connect with people they do not know and how dare I be so rude?

In the beginning I would write back and offer an apology and let them know I would never bother them again and learned quickly this was like throwing gasoline on a bonfire so I stopped replying. Now I simply put them into our Customer Relationship Management software as someone to never connect with or refer any business too.

Building Your Business And Personal Network

I started building my business network at eight years old and didn’t even know that was what I was doing. A variety store near our house sold #2 lead pencils two for a nickel and every day after school I would buy one dollar’s worth and sell them door to door in the surrounding neighborhoods for a nickel each and most days I would sell them all.

The lessons learned were priceless! Most of the people that answered their door were friendly and courteous. The people who worked nights and slept during the day taught me new and exciting four letter words. They must have thought I was deaf and dumb because they would say them loud while making sign language gestures with their hands.

Not knowing any better sometimes I would wait a few minutes knock on the door again and say "Oh am I glad to see you! There was a very nasty man that just answered the door a minute ago and I thought you should know about it….by the way how many pencils would you like to buy today?" They would either run me off the property or bust out laughing or make a purchase.

Either way it did not bother me because due to circumstances of my youth I was blessed with "Deflect-O-Matic Skin" which means I was not easily intimidated and it took a tremendous amount of hate and discontent to hurt my feelings.

Quite a few people turned out to be sales professionals themselves and offered some valuable lessons that I still use to this day. One man said I was one of the best "Heel And Toe Men" he ever met and to prove it he bought several pencils that day.

Some of the best lessons came from makers who were the most successful sales people, men and women because they all talked about giving more in value than you take in compensation. It was no surprise they lived in very nice homes and drove upscale vehicles. They were "Makers" because they invested time and energy to pass along some truth and wisdom to another "Maker" in the making knowing full well I could not return the favor by becoming their client.

More great lessons on what not to do came from takers who were sales people and business owners who meet you at a networking event or online and immediately try to sell you something. When they find out I am an accountant they want to sell something AND get a copy of our client list so they can sell them something too!

Before getting involved with social media my network was fairly substantial and most of our business was concentrated in The Puget Sound region with people I had met face to face. Since getting active in social media almost three years ago our clients are now all over the USA and growing. My network of people whom I consider "Makers" has multiplied massively and I am very grateful.

What are your thoughts?

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