The Wrong Bookkeeper Can Cause You To Overpay Your Taxes!

Your Tax Bill Is Based - On reports produced from your accounting system. The old saying garbage in = garbage out is absolutely true here. Only it means Garbage In = You Overpaid Your Taxes! 

If Your Bookkeeper - Is an Untrained Bookkeeper who attended a one day seminar, watched some videos, took an online class, spent a few months working in an accounting firm or is self-taught and believes in learning by experience (this means when they make a mistake you get to pay for it) then you almost certainly are paying a whole lot more in taxes than you should.

10,000 Hours Of Practice Are Required - To master a skill according to Malcolm Gladwell the author of the book "Outlier". He book has examples like the Beatles playing nearly 10,000 hours together in Germany before the emerged as "The Beatles", Tiger Woods invested 10,000 hours on the golf course before he turned 21, Bill Gates as a kid put in 10,000 on his PC...and so it is...

Professional Bookkeepers - Are people who have invested at least 10,000 hours in practicing and learning their trade because that is what it takes at least that long to become a master bookkeeper.

Putting Receipts Inside QuickBooks is easy! Putting them in the right account so the reports are accurate, the business owner can trust them and when the taxes are filed you will pay the least amount possible that is where the professional bookkeeper earns their money.

Fast Easy Accounting Bookkeeping Services Tax Reporting Process

For Example Look At The Following Receipts:

Fast Easy Accounting Bookkeeping Services Example Rent Receipt


Fast Easy Accounting Bookkeeping Services Example Material Receipt


Fast Easy Accounting Bookkeeping Services Example Tools ReceiptFast Easy Accounting Bookkeeping Services Example Truck Payment Receipt


Fast Easy Accounting Bookkeeping Services Example Meal Receipt


Fast Easy Accounting Bookkeeping Services Example Employee Meal Receipt


Fast Easy Accounting Bookkeeping Services Example Owner Bank Deposit


Fast Easy Accounting Bookkeeping Services 25% Tax Bracket Sample

If Your Bookkeeper - Put all those receipts in as expenses you could be overpaying your taxes by at least $5,000 and probably more. 

If You Think Your Tax Preparer - Will catch the bookkeeping errors think again! That is not what they are paid to do! Most of them are paid on commission to prepare as many tax returns as fast as possible! Which means most of them will not spend the time and effort to review the details of hundreds or thousands of transactions to make sure the amounts have been put in the right accounts. Read More...

You Work Hard For Your Money - Don't let somebody else waste it. If you are having cash flow problems you could be paying too much in state, Federal and local taxes and we may be able to help.

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