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    Increase Traffic And 30 Content Ideas For Construction Blogs

    Posted by Norhalma Verzosa on Fri, Jun 14, 2019

    Go through a quick search of construction/home service-based businesses near you, whether it’s a Handyman, Plumber, Painter, or a Framing company, or better yet google your competition and look at their information. Does it link to their websites? And if so, do they maintain a blog?

    How many people, including you, search the web for information before making a decision – buying equipment, booking a hotel, or eating at a restaurant? While a company website establishes your credibility as an industry leader, blogging presents an excellent opportunity for you to develop a relationship with your audience, strengthens your reputation as an authority in your field, and helps you stand out from the competition. You care enough to provide your prospects and followers relevant and useful information that they can practice and apply.

    When creating content, ask yourself these questions:

    • What is the purpose of this blog post?
    • Am I adding value?
    • Why is this important to my readers?

    close-up of womans hands working on her laptop at the desk

    Let’s get to practical pointers first and what you can do to improve your search ranking and drive more traffic to your blog (ask your website administrator or blog editor to ensure this is implemented, or you can do-it-yourself by searching tutorials particular to your website hosting platform):

    1. Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

    Make it easy for Google (or a search engine) to understand the essential elements of your business. Clearly state information like the location - city, state, specific trade, and the particular clients (commercial or residential) that you serve. 

    2. Post photos with alt text (alternative text)

    An “alt text” also known as “alt attribute” is used within an HTML code to describe the appearance of an image on a page. If an image is not rendering on your page, an alt text will be displayed in place of it. It helps search engine crawlers to index an image properly, therefore improving your search ranking.

    3. Title count and meta description

    SERP Simulator

    Describe your page precisely and write exclusive information particular to that blog post. You can preview how your blog post will look on a Search Engine Result Page (SERP) using this tool. For 2019 best practices and to learn more about Google's title count and meta description's length, click here.

    4. Clickable email and phone number

    How many times have you looked something up using your smartphone and would like to give them a call right away? To see if they're still open, if they can deliver to your house, or if they offer pricing options? You see their number on the web page, clicked it, and nothing happens. This is clearly a missed opportunity.

    As example: Clicking (206) 361-3950 or email will launch the phone app or your email app, waiting for you to take action. Depending on the website hosting platform you’re using, you can configure the settings or add some coding to your content. Click here for an in-depth tutorial.

    5. Layout

    Create a better user experience by providing your visitors an easy to read, digestible, and scannable content by using:

    • subheadings
    • bullet points
    • checklist
    • short paragraphs
    • blocked quotes

    Here are the blog posts and content ideas:

    Client Interviews

    Testimonials are one-sided and usually a short text of how you performed. Take it up a notch and make it a Q and A post: Why did they hire you? What processes have you been through together to come up with a successful plan? This would deliver an impactful message to your audience.

    How-to Guides

    Imagine a mother’s anxiety before a significant renovation, add her full-time job and her family’s needs to that. If you can address most of her concerns before wreaking havoc inside their home, that’s value right there.

    Example: How to Prepare for a Kitchen Remodeling Project


    Write about safety and procedures, your daily inspection, or tasks reminders on what to do.


    By creating a handbook post, you are basically telling prospective clients the qualifications of an expert (insert your particular trade) contractor. This is a subtle way of showing your mastery and skills without being "salesy."

    Example: What to Look Out for Before Hiring a Capet Installer

    Biggest mistakes/lessons

    Nobody wants to talk about their failures, but what are your takeaways from these failures that lead you to step up your game plan.

    Example: My Painting Job That Went Horribly Wrong

    Tips and Tricks

    Helpful and bite-sized information. Whether you’re talking about using a manual tool, choosing the right paint color, etc.

    Tutorial with Video Demonstration

    They can probably search this on YouTube, but it doesn’t mean you cannot make one. This is part of positioning yourself as their “Go-to person.” Telling your clients you know how to use your tools is one thing, showing them how is another.


    What are the most common questions you’ve been asked? Is it about how you deliver your services? What time of day can they expect you to show up? Start taking notes of what your clients are asking or telling you. These little details can make up for an informative blog post.

    Share a list of online resources related to your services

    Example: 10 Inspiring Minimalist Bedrooms

    Event Recap

    Have you participated in a trade show? Attended an industry conference or a marketing event? It shows your keeping up with the industry standards and best practices.

    And 20 other more ideas:

    • Meet the Team
    • Labor Tools and Equipment you are using
    • Currently
    • After story (post a before picture too)
    • Quiz (Are you ready to remodel?)
    • Local business recommendation
    • Day in the Life
    • A story about how you end up in your business
    • Common or Seasonal issues advice/reminders
    • Product review
    • Write a blog post about your services and include a special offer
    • Favorite smartphone apps
    • Trending/New Development
    • Book review and how it helped you/your business
    • Infographic
    • Reveal an industry secret
    • Disprove a Theory / Common misconceptions
    • Budget advice
    • Promote a cause that your business is contributing to
    • Invite guest bloggers

     In conclusion:

    Blogging humanizes your brand and shows that you’re looking out for your readers’ best interest. It drives more traffic to your website and enhances your inbound marketing efforts. The sample content and blog post ideas listed above will not only bring your business qualified leads but also turn away tire-kickers and bad prospects because now they have a better idea of who you serve and why you do it. It's an excellent way of generating high-quality leads. Of course, we all know that to get your message out there, just publishing your post online is not enough, make sure you promote your content on social media and if it’s possible, consider submitting articles on popular websites as a guest blogger that are relevant to your industry.


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    About The Author:

    Norhalma_VerzosaNorhalma Verzosa is a Certified Construction Marketing Professional and works as the Webmaster of Fast Easy Accounting located in Lynnwood, WA. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and a Certified Internet Web Professional with a Site Development Associate, Google AdWords Search Advertising, and HubSpot Academy certifications. She manages the entire web presence of Fast Easy Accounting using a variety of SaaS tools including Hubspot, Shopify, WordPress, Libsyn, and Wistia.

    Topics: Marketing Ideas For Contractors That Work, Contractor Marketing, Blogging for contractors

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