Clean-Up QuickBooks For Your Tax Preparer

Income Tax Preparers - Earn money filling out tax forms, not cleaning up QuickBooks. Most of them do not know how to use QuickBooks let alone clean it up. Which means they could not care less if you are paying too much in taxes if your QuickBooks file is a mess.

Some Of Them - Will mention something about how much easier it would be for them if your bookkeeping was in order and all the entries were in the right accounts where they belong.

You Just Spent - A twelve hour day beginning at four in the morning working on a loud, dirty, dangerous construction site arguing with your employee, suppliers, trade contractors and attempting to get your client to sign a change order that is holding up the project you see this so-in-so sitting in a comfy chair, inside his climate controlled environment, cool in the summer and warm in the winter, with easy access to a kitchenette, restroom, good lighting, coffee and snacks banging away on a keyboard getting a blister on his thumb asking you to make his life easier!

Your Pay For This With Messy QuickBooks Files

And All You Heard Was - Blah, Blah, Blah why don't you spend some of your valuable free time or pay somebody to clean up your QuickBooks file because that would make my life easier and that is when you remember reading this webpage.

Most Income Tax Preparers - Are good people but they are not detectives and they learn real quick there is more money to be made by doing ten tax returns where their clients may have overpaid the taxes than there is in helping one client tune-up a QuickBooks file.

We Hear From - A lot from income tax preparers how if the construction business owners would simply come to us and get their QuickBooks cleaned up they may be able to save enough in taxes to pay for our services and keep hundreds and in some cases thousands of dollars in their pocket.

We Do Not Prepare - Income tax returns because we believe you are better served with a "Trust But Verify" approach to running your business where you have your own personal Board of Advisors and each one is a specialist in their profession. We can assist you with setting this up.

We Focus - What we do best which is construction bookkeeping and accounting and business process development (BPM) for small niche construction companies like yours. So the income tax preparers understand we are not competition, instead we are their best friend and we are there to help and support them and you our construction client.

Most Income Tax Preparers - Love our work and will tell us privately and in confidence how much they appreciate when they prepare a return for a client that we are doing the bookkeeping for on a regular monthly basis.

The Really Great Part - Is we send a copy of the QuickBooks file to your income tax preparer, as long as you give permission and when the return is finished they send the adjusting Journal Entries back to us and we put them into your QuickBooks file. The entire process is handled with your permission and without you having to coordinate and act as go-between to get you annual income tax return prepared which saves you a lot of time and aggravation.

With The Time And Money - You saved you can start putting together a Business Strategy for your construction business so that you can begin working on your business instead of in your business.

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