How Profitable Contractors Make Money

Belonging To Trade Groups

Fast Easy Accounting Strategic Bookkeeping Services Networking Money TreeProper Networking Strategy Can Be Your Money Tree!

Cash Is The Lifeblood - Of your construction business and studies have shown customers and clients are the best places to find it. The big question is how do you find a steady stream of them? Take a lesson from Willie Sutton the bank robber; when asked why he robbed banks he replied: "Because that's where the money is."

Now Apply Willie Sutton's - Thinking pattern to your construction business and restate it like this: "Why network? Because that's where the money is."

Profitable Contractors Attend Networking Events - Not because they have nothing better to do; they do it because it pays off.

Unprofitable Contractors Don't Network - Because they are busy doing profit prevention work like bookkeeping which they could outsource to us for a fraction of what it costs them. In most cases we can save more in taxes, billing errors and overhead costs than our fees and they could use the time they save messing up their QuickBooks for networking. 

Which Activity Makes You Money - Spending hours doing bookkeeping chores or getting face to face with someone who may need your services or can refer you to someone who does?

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How Much Money You Can Save Doing Everything Yourself Is Limited

There Is No Limit On How Much Money You Can Earn!

Profitable Contractors Know - Not every networking event is going to yield a harvest. Most of the time the end up learning about all kinds of needs and opportunities about everything under the sun except what they came for; qualified construction leads they need to support their business.

Those Other Needs And Opportunities - Are another form of money which can be stored, cultivated and harvested repeatedly to trade for construction projects which is what they want.

Here Is An Example:

  1. A home builder learns about a commercial tenant improvement contractor who needs bookkeeping services and he refers us.

  2. While working with the commercial tenant improvement contractor we find out they need a concrete contractor and we refer one of our clients.

  3. While the concrete contractor is installing a backyard patio for a new client they happen to mention needing builder. The concrete contractor asks the commercial tenant improvement contractor to pass the lead on to the home builder and the circle is complete.

How Do You Get Started?

Join Local Trade Organizations Like - Master Builders Association, ABC Contractors, National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and other organizations that represent your particular target market. We favor Master Builders Association because they cater to our target market.


If you join get involved, attend meetings, join committees because as you know construction is a relationship business and trust is everything. 

Before Joining Develop Your Strategic Objectives For Example:

Clearly Define Your Target Market

  1. Demographic profile

  2. Psychographic Profile

Make New Friends

  1. Seek out Actively Engaged members they will mentor you

  2. Be kind to the Disengaged Members they will like and respect you

  3. Avoid Actively Disengaged Members because they will drag you down

Find Ways To Serve The Organization And The Members

  1. Get involved

  2. Join committees

  3. Attend meetings

  4. Be a team player

  5. Volunteer and work

Identify Power Connectors* And Referral Partners

  1. Architects

  2. Designers

  3. Realtors

  4. Others 

Power Connectors* - Are the people who know everybody or at least it seems like it because their name comes up in conversations everywhere. Those are the people that you need to get to know and when they attend an event if at all possible you need to be there. It will take time to get their attention and gain their trust. When they know you, like you and trust you they can have a massive positive influence on your construction business. 


Fast Easy Accounting Strategic Bookkeeping Services Networking Power Connector Randal DeHart

 This Is Not Rocket Science - It is a lot harder because you are dealing with people. With rockets if something goes wrong you learn what not to do the next time. With people when something does not turn out like you expect it is much more complex.

Large Profitable Construction - Companies have known about and used networking for some time and now you can too!

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