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We Work With all contractors in the U.S.A. including residential, tenant improvement and commercial contractors, home builders, remodelers, specialty contractors, subcontractors, architects and other construction related companies and businesses.

If you are like most of our contractor clients you have an enormous amount of skill, experience, passion, knowledge in construction. They came to us because they wanted to spend less time on paperwork and more time doing what they do best.

Do Any Of These Apply To Your Situation?

You started your construction company within the past five years or you are just starting one now. It seemed like a good idea at the time because you were laid off or you had a few friends and relatives that needed some work done on their homes and businesses on your day off and now you are stuck with a lot of paperwork, quarterly tax returns to prepare and file, bills and timecards to enter, payroll to process and you need job costing reports to know where you are making and losing money.

You have been in your construction company more than five years ago. Now it feels like you are running in place and not getting anywhere. The dream of being your own boss is becoming the nightmare of being pushing a boulder up a hill only to have it roll back down to the bottom every time you get close to the top. 

You need to know which jobs are most profitable and how to get more of them. It seems like everyone is asking you to cut your prices, get everything for them at wholesale and does change orders for free. The answer to fixing this problem is very simple and it might surprise you!

You tried to setup your contractors bookkeeping system and it's not working. You want to keep track of all your income and expenses and after fighting with it you gave up and are using it like an expensive check register that never matches the bank statement.

You make an Invoice and it comes out wrong. It has the wrong cost codes, the amounts are wrong, the numbers don't add up, it doesn't show previous deposits and payments and your customers lose faith in your contractors bookkeeping services and refuse to pay until you can explain every bit of it in detail and in a way that makes sense to them.

You know you need financial reports to run your construction company. You got into business to have more freedom which means more money in the bank and less stress and yet no matter what you try the Profit & Loss Report and Balance Sheet Report doesn't look right and you are having a hard time understanding what it all means.

Financial Reports From QuickBooks For Contractors

On demand 24/7 internet cloud based access to your financial reports including Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Receivables, Payables and more without having to own or open QuickBooks For Contractors!

The Short Video Below Tells The Whole Story

We Help You Understand Your Financial Reports

For example the Balance Sheet is a collection of three "O's"

  1. Assets = Who Owes you money?

  2. Liabilities = Who you Owe money too?

  3. Equity = How much money is left Over for you?

Now you know what the Balance Sheet is and when you are a client we can show how to use it to increase sales and profits and why it is so important.

Perhaps You Want More

You have everything you need. You are operating and growing your construction company; however, you need professional guidance on how to harness the energy generated by the "roller coaster ride" of the Business Cycle. And ride waves of contraction and expansion. You need strategies and tools that can help you forecast and plan ahead so you know what to do in any economic situation.

You want a Construction Business Process Management (CBPM) Plan to help with:

  1. Marketing your company to the most profitable customers and clients who appreciate and pay for services.

  2. Accounting that provides 24/7 access to financial reporting including Key Performance Reports

  3. Production that gets more work done by moving some peak demand work into the low valleys.

You know there is waste in your construction company operations. A dollar saved is dollar earned and those savings can add hundreds or even thousands in cash flow and profits.

Who is most likely to benefit from our Services?

Our contractor clients and customers have similar attitudes and opinions. If some or all of these describe you as well, then you are someone we can help:

You are committed to giving your customer what they want. You give your customers and clients what they want. Most people are afraid to ask a contractor do anything because the contractor attitudes of the past were: "I'm the contractor and I'll decide what you need!" When you give customers and clients what they want your sales and profits skyrocket!

You are skilled in construction. You do your best to be the expert in the type of construction your company specializes in whether it is service, repair, remodel, new construction or commercial tenant improvement. You are a valuable and trusted resource for your customers and clients.

You want to balance work and play. You must commit yourself to not being a workaholic and spend time with your friends and family and in playful activities that give you pleasure; let go and play. Get enough rest and relaxation because you will need good positive energy to develop winning strategies for your construction company.

You have high standards of integrity. You say what you will do; and you do what you do your best to do what you say. There will be times when your something goes wrong and when that happens you do your best to make things right.

You are willing to commit to success. You have inner strength and courage to keep on going even when things get tough because you know that everything will work out in the end; and if something has not worked out yet, it is not the end.

You are willing to invest wisely. You invest in yourself and your construction company. You do not take foolish risks and you only invest in people and services that make sense and have offer a reasonable return.

You do your best to be fair with everyone. You pay a fair price for goods and services and you expect the same from your fellow contractors, suppliers, vendors and trusted advisers. You will not tolerate hard-ball negotiators and who to squeeze every last dime from you.

You have mutual respect and support. You respect the opinions and expertise of your trusted advisers because you know that in business and in life you need people you can trust because you cannot make it alone.

You want holistic construction accounting services. You know there is more to contractors bookkeeping and accounting than just pushing a few keys. And you know that a construction accounting system that can provide answers to more than just simple Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet Reports and the support you need from professionals you can trust is what you need.

You want the most tech savvy construction accounting services firm. You want the competitive advantages of being able to get your financial reports delivered to your web enabled device 24/7. You want more than one way to get documents to your accountant including the use of your smart phone and you want to be able to do it anytime 24/7.

You want U.S. based bookkeepers and accountants. You respect anyone who has taken the time and effort to develop bookkeeping and accounting skills no matter where in the world they happen to live. However, you are more comfortable having your construction bookkeeping services done in a commercial office building in Lynnwood Washington, by qualified people who take their responsibilities and your success seriously.

If you fit some or all of the profile above we may be able to help you

We have helped many contractors like you solve cash flow problems and go on to operate and grow highly profitable construction companies that generate cash flow and profits that provide very comfortable lifestyles for themselves, their families and their trusted employees.

You're At The Right Place If:

You expect to be paid a fair price for your goods and services and you pay a fair for goods and services.

You are always looking for ways to improve your services for your customers and employees.

You are doing your part to help make the world a better place for yourself and for future generations.

Your work as a contractor raises everyone's standard of living, like the rising tide that raises all ships.

You need help with construction bookkeeping, quarterly tax returns or any construction accounting issues.

You are just starting or you have been in construction for a long time and have less than 20 employees.

You are the hero who invests time and energy to help make your customers and client's dreams come true.

You want a construction bookkeeping and accounting firm who understands you and the construction industry.

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