QuickBooks Backup Rescues Contractor's Business

I have spoken to hundreds of contractors over the years about backing up their QuickBooks

Some contractors have embraced the idea, and others, not so much. I say there are two kinds of contractors who use computers:

  • Those who have never experienced fire, flood, theft, bad bookkeeper or hard drive crash
  • Those who have and are now passionate about spreading the word about backups

This particular contractor is one of the nicest, gentlest and most friendly people you will ever meet; typical of all good contractors!

In addition he is somewhat large and powerful having worked in construction for over 30 years. Let just say he knows how to communicate in a gentle but firm way to get his point across to his employees and trade contractors.

He was not particularly interested in the fact that we have remote servers that our clients QuickBooks files are sitting on and that they are backed up every night.


Here Is How It Works:


QuickBooks Desktop Version can be accessed from any Internet connection

QuickBooks Runs On High-Speed Servers

In A Building With Armed Guards

And Highly Trained Technicians

 FastEasyAccounting.com QuickBooks Web Access 24/7

QuickBooks file backed up every night on a secured server

English speaking, U.S. Based tech support for server support

We maintain and support your QuickBooks data file and reports

QuickBooks software maintenance updates are automatically applied


Again being a gentleman he listened politely while I droned on about the benefits of back up and remote access and decided to hire our services because we could get his bookkeeping on track and help him build his construction business. 


A short while after we began working together tragedy struck

The following is from an email sent to Randal:

"On July 27, 2008, Sunday evening around 6:30 pm my girlfriend and I just got home from an overnight hiking trip.

When we arrived home we had discovered that we had been robbed. We immediately called 911.

As we walked through the house we discovered that our computer was gone along with many other valuables. The computer had all the company business on it.

QuickBooks, invoices, all the subcontractors’ info, and everything to keep the company books.

We were at a loss for what to do. But as luck would have it, we had Randal DeHart as our accountant. He had all our info on a back-up system somewhere in a huge server.

So we called Randal to let him know that we would get a new computer as soon as the insurance company paid us.

Randal called us the next day, July 28th, 2008 and told us to come to his office. To our surprise he had gone to Office Depot and purchased a new computer and loaded it with QuickBooks and restored all our business information.

We are so appreciative that Randal had our backs, so to speak. We had told him that we would pay him for the computer as so as possible. But you know what he said……….

“No thanks are necessary and that if we just Pay-It-Forward, that’s all he asked.”

How’s that for a Good Accountant?"


We really do care about you and your business because we have been where you are now! 

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