How We Help Construction And Trade Contractors And Related Professionals

How Does Fast Easy Accounting Work? - What is the process? What can you expect? Should you contact us or should I contact you? However we contact each other you can expect a friendly construction accountant who understands contactors and construction and someone who likes to talk on the phone and listen to you and what you have to say.

First Let Me Say Thank You - For visiting our website, blogs and whitepapers on We trust the information is useful and we look forward to you becoming a client.

Here Is A Brief Outline Of How We Work

Our Niche Is Contractors

From The Brand New Contractor - To those who have been in business for many years and have more complex needs we welcome everyone!

Our Initial Focus - Is on your accounting needs. RE: QuickBooks Setup QuickBooks Tune-Up or QuickBooks Clean-Up whatever is best for you.

We Sincerely Believe All Contractors - Should have access to their QuickBooks financial reports because it is good business practice to "Trust-But-Verify" to paraphrase President Ronald Reagan.

Important Note - QuickBooks Desktop Version in the cloud and QuickBooks Online are two completely different products.

We Use QuickBooks Desktop Version - In an online (hosted) secure server environment

Desktop QuickBooks -

Beginning Of The Process

You Call 206-361-3950 - When you get a chance for a quick chat. We like to communicate via the phone in addition to emails. I look forward to discussing how we can be of assistance. I can be reached at 206-361-3950

The First Phone Call - Is the starting point of our mutual relationship. I may receive an initial request of information by email (which I am happy to receive) In the end - everybody gets to chat with me once, twice or even three times before making any kind of decision about our services. Initially we are chatting informally over the phone.

The Next Step - If you are within driving distance of our office at 19909 64th Ave W. Lynnwood Washington, 98036 Suite B - 2nd Floor is to set an appointment for an in-person visit at our office.

Setting The Appointment

I Want To Meet And Chat With The Person - Having issues with the bookkeeping. Are you having issues with the office manager, a spouse, a contractor or someone else? I want to know who is doing the bookkeeping now and how it is working for you.

Bring All Your - Paper, letters, invoices and bank and credit card statements. It can come “unsorted” in a big giant box. We know what to do with it when it arrives. We have a system to get documents into QuickBooks For Contractors in a logical, easy to understand format that is used to create useful financial reports and other QuickBooks reports. This meeting is a management discussion and the construction company owner must be present to win the opportunity to work with us.

Our First Meeting

The First Meeting - Takes place in our office. We offer a FREE (1) Hour Consultation.  Question: Why Did You Call?  What Are The Issues? It’s your turn to talk. The purpose is to clearly understand your issues and to develop a workable solution. I need to understand you, your business, what you do, how you manage your business, you goals and your employees.

Our Mutual Purpose 

After The First Visit – Most things can be handled via phone calls, word documents, spreadsheets, PDF files, USPS mail, faxes, web drives or dropping by our office. As a contractor you have more than enough hats to wear so we handle the routine paperwork and you handle the parts of your business that only you can do.

I Am Developing A Plan - To blend our systems and processes with your expectations for a set of results that is fair to everyone. Part of my function is business management. Almost always we quote Flat Rate. It is the “Best Value” and usually it’s my recommendation for you to become an outsourced client. Once I’m comfortable in my knowledge about your business I will give you a proposal customized to fit your particular needs.

Our Construction Bookkeeping Services

Our Part: We enter your customers, employees, vendors, items, receipts, check stubs, deposit slips, credit & debit card receipts, reconcile bank statements and credit card statements and update the sales tax changes in QuickBooks contractors.

We Are Located At - 19909 64th Ave W. Lynnwood Washington, 98036 Suite B - 2nd Floor. We understand Washington State taxes very well. For out of state clients we can discuss with you about your individual state issues and customize QuickBooks for contractors to meet your needs.

Your Part: You make the important decisions about your business. You generate bids, change orders, invoices, make bank deposits, pay bills, taxes and pay your employees. We do not have any direct access to your money. No credit cards, bank accounts, Federal, State, Local tax agency accounts. We can prepare your monthly and quarterly tax returns; however, only you can authorize payment.

We Never Touch Your Money - And we recommend you stay away from Bad Bookkeepers, Accountants and C.P.A.'s that want to "pay your taxes" and pay your bills" for you because you could wind up with a lot of financial headaches and pain. Stop theft before it starts by being the only person who manages your construction company money.

QuickBooks For Contractors Cloud Computing

We Upload Your QuickBooks File - “Into the cloud” on our server. The server is NOT located in our office or someone’s back bedroom or closet.  The server is located in on a server farm and is managed by a professional service approved by Intuit and is Twain / HIPPA compliant.

Fast Easy Accounting Uses State Of The Art Cloud Computing Services

Click Here For Frequently Asked Questions About QuickBooks Cloud Computing

This Service Is Comprehensive - It comes complete with some of the best of the very best network technicians available supporting and maintaining everything for you around the clock 24/7 including automatic backup of your QuickBooks for contractors file.

They Assist With Day To Day - Issues that can occur with any QuickBooks file. Have you had any of the following problems: Logging into QuickBooks for contractors, printing on your desktop printer, creating PDF Files or other issues?

QuickBooks For Contractors Hosting Solution

We Upload Your QuickBooks File - “Into the cloud” on our server All of the benefits of being on the server listed above still apply. You can add our accounting, bookkeeping and consulting services as needed...We provide you with an Online Login Access to your QuickBooks for contractors file, Microsoft Office, Excel, Word and more. And the server support staff backups everything every day.

Paperless Document Storage System - Provides 24/7 access to see what documents we have on file. You can access it from any web enabled device.

Tax Accountants

Our Services End - With the completion of your Quarterly Reports and W-2’s if you have employees. We make accessible a copy of your QuickBooks file and/or financial reports for your tax preparer to do your annual taxes. Again "Trust But Verify" by letting someone else review what we are doing for you.

We Can Enter The Year End Adjusting Entries - From your tax preparer into QuickBooks as instructed by your tax preparer. We are like surgeons focused on helping your business become more and more profitable by showing you how to develop and maintain a Business Process Management (BPM) System. Your tax preparer is like your family doctor focused on the general tax issues of your business and personal life. It’s Private - Tax preparer has all the personal information about your home, family, personal finances, real estate, trusts, investments, etc.

Everyone Works Together - As a team to help you become successful, everyone filling their role as part of your personal Board of Advisors checking and cross checking each other for your ultimate benefit.

Why We Understand Contractors Better Than Any Other Accountant

We Know Construction Bookkeeping And Accounting - And how small, medium and large contractors work and think because we have spent many years as contractors before switching full time into contractors bookkeeping and accounting services. We have been where you are now which means we understand the day-to-day challenges you face. I have waited for hours for city and county inspectors to show and write off a permit and a hundred and one other things that happen in a contactors busy schedule.

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