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    Concrete Contractor Mill Creek, WA

    I would highly recommend the services of Business Consulting and Accounting for any contractor who is serious about improving their business and profitability.

    Being resistant to change has caused me tens of thousands of dollars, but even at that they took me from barely getting by to a six figure income in about three years. If you don't make more money straight to the bottom line it's not their service, it's because you refuse to listen.

    Electrical Contractor Edmonds, WA

    After 3 years of working with Business Consulting and Accounting, I have greatly benefited from our time together. Randal's accounting and business skills have helped me to continually improve my own management and marketing abilities. With Randal's knowledge and enthusiastic personality.

    I feel empowered to achieve what I have always wanted to do in business to succeed. Working in business, it's hard to see past your own view. I truly value the outside vision that Randal brings into my business world.

    He is a great consultant, and I would recommend him to anyone looking for a fresh perspective.

    Painting Contractor Everett, WA

    After taking two college weekend classes to learn QuickBooks for our company's accounting needs and NOT getting my specific questions answered I attending a QuickBooks Seminar run by Randal and quickly learned that he had the help and answers I needed.

    As a wife doing the books part-time, I am very thankful for his help and insight for our company's "precise" needs.

    Content Services Seattle, WA

    Thank you Business Consulting and Accounting! Your support and guidance has been instrumental in the success of our Management Information System (MIS).

    We highly recommend your services and our confidence has been well placed in BCA's team of Accounting and Project Management Professionals.

    House Builder Mukilteo, WA

    Having paid another accountant machos bucks only to find a wacko  bottom line that even I knew wasn't accurate----I was elated after working  with Business Consulting and Accounting.

    Randal is knowledgeable and friendly  and I find his expertise invaluable.  He has been readily available and  happy to share stories in order to enrich my learning.

    My books are now in tip-top shape, and I have ultimate confidence in my  bottom line. Too bad I didn't know about their services earlier; I could have  saved myself a lot of grief. 

    Painting Contractor - Snohomish County

    This Company ROCKS!!! If you are interested in a company that cares about your bottom line then stop here.

    If you are looking for someone to help you understand how your finances effect you and your businesses success then call them today!

    I highly recommend Business Consulting and Accounting.

    They understand how the Contractor runs a business and they help those contractors that want to run a better more profitable business.

    Handyman / General Contractor - Lynnwood WA

    "My husband and I went through so many accountants and bookkeepers in the 3 years that we were in the construction business.

    We wasted so much money on trying to find the right bookkeeper that was also affordable for our small business but fell short every time until we found Sharie and Randall.

    It was funny that we had actually contacted them initially and for whatever reason in our search but we never went in to meet with them.

    If we had, we probably would have saved ourselves not only thousands of dollars because we had reported all our tax accounts incorrectly and ended up owning the DOR over $20,000 but also a lot of heart ache with what happens to a husband and wife when your business isn't running as smoothly as it could.

    Sharie and Randall have been a blessing to us because they understand not only the business but the relationship aspect as well.

    I highly recommend their services and would tell anyone who may be hesitating because they don't think they can afford it for their small business that you cannot afford to not hire them!

    Every business needs a good bookkeeper and don't think you can do it all yourself because believe me you can't and it's only a matter of time until you realize that and perhaps it may be too late."

    QuickBooks Expert Specializing In Construction Bookkeeping

    Home Improvement Contractor, Hanover County Virginia

    "I found your change order how to video on YouTube and really like how you have it set up and appreciate the pointers you had to offer.

    Because I am tired of these customers constantly changing stuff on us and creating delays or extra work. I need to start being compensated for my time, but want to make sure I am doing it the right way. Thank you for your assistance."

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    Commercial Contractor Everett, WA

    Our relationship with Business Consulting and Accounting has been immeasurable. When we started using Business Consulting and Accounting it was because we wanted a company that could handle our accounting needs as we grew.

    Initially we had them handling our accounting needs because we needed the expertise, but we now realize that their services have allowed our company to grow by allowing us to focus on the needs of our customers. They have been there with answers to all our questions as our general construction business has grown.

    Their eagerness to help and share their own knowledge of our industry has made it an invaluable experience to work together. We rely on their accounting experience and skills and their expert advice concerning all of our business ventures and consider them as part of our team.

    We highly recommend their services to any company looking to find a trusting and ethical working relationship that fosters forward thinking and profitability.

    Professional Carpet Cleaning Mountlake Terrace, WA

    Randal and I have known about each other for perhaps two years.
    I contacted his business partner two weeks ago with regards to my accounting needs.
    Without actually "doing business" with Randal, he has stepped to the fore. He has suggested an eminently powerful tool, Biznik. He has listened, coached and encouraged, me.
    He has had a hugely positive impact on me as a person and a measurable effect on my business. My rankings are on top of the search pages all due to his influence and suggesting Biznik. Talk about the 'power' of social media and the right individual.
    We have physically met once, amazingly, it was yesterday. I am deeply grateful for his mentoring. Seems like I have known him for years. I will recommend him to anyone.


    When I met Randal and Sharie I was just a plumber making $25,000 a year with a family of three working by the hour, always tired and never satisfied, and left wondering when is it going to get better.

    I decided to make a change and quit the job of three years and venture out. I applied at a company where Randal and Sharie were and quite frankly I thought that they didn’t ask for anything I didn’t understand.

    if you want to make a lot of money and you are in the service industries, then you owe it to yourself to let this man set you straight on how it works in Washington State, your market , understand people, and so much more.




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    Remodel Contractor Edmonds, WA

    On July 27, 2008, Sunday evening around 6:30 pm my girlfriend and I just got home from an overnight hiking trip.

    When we arrived home we had discovered that we had been robbed. We immediately called 911.

    As we walked through the house we discovered that our computer was gone along with many other valuables. The computer had all the company business on it.

    QuickBooks, invoices, all the subcontractors’ info, and everything to keep the company books.

    We were at a loss for what to do. But as luck would have it, we had Randal DeHart as our accountant. He had all our info on a back-up system somewhere in a huge server.

    So we called Randal to let him know that we would get a new computer as soon as the insurance company paid us.

    Randal called us the next day, July 28th, 2008 and told us to come to his office. To our surprise he had gone to Office Depot and purchased a new computer and loaded it with QuickBooks and restored all our business information.

    We are so appreciative that Randal had our backs, so to speak. We had told him that we would pay him for the computer as so as possible. But you know what he said……….

    “No thanks are necessary and that if we just Pay-It-Forward, that’s all he asked.”

    How’s that for a Good Accountant?

    Painting Contractor Snohomish, WA

    When I first went to Business Consulting and Accounting I had no idea that I was missing so much information.

    Randal was so easy to work with, very informative, and never made me feel inferior
    . As a small business owner it was the right information I needed. Their hours are very convenient, and assistance in business building is incredible.


    I would recommend their services to any business that want to succeed! Thank you Business Consulting and Accounting!


    General Contractor Lynnwood, WA

    The beginning of 2008 my company attempted to save money by doing our own accounting, but instead paperwork started piling up, wasn't organized and wasn't getting done. I failed to realize the amount of time and effort that went into accounting, especially not being an accountant by trade.

    I didn't want to have my wife take on the burden being a stay-at-home home and already having her hands full with 2 kids so I made the decision to go back with Randal and Sharie. I am a new, young business owner and have sought much help from them and have always gotten great advice and great help.

    They know the trade, and they know what I'm going through on a daily basis. I have not regretted my decision one bit. They have helped me to get back on track and get my business running smooth again. I am grateful for the services they offer.

    I would recommend their services to any General Contractor.

    Landscape Contractor - Snohomish County

    Business Consulting and Accounting helped us get better organized and make sense of our Quickbooks file.  Sharie was always available to answer any questions that I had about payroll or business taxes and shared her knowledge and experiences willingly.  They helped keep us up-to-date with our bookkeeping and offered our company an efficient way to stay-on track. Thank You!

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