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Sharie DeHart

The Cash Management Accountant

She listens to Contractors and Construction Company Owners because YOU have a unique story. YOU have developed expertise in specific areas of construction. YOU may be a builder, remodeler, plumber, electrician, drywall specialists, excavation or one of the other tradespeople. YOU are involved in the wide, wonderful, gorgeous world of construction for a reason; because it is YOUR calling. YOU build, maintain, and improve homes, buildings, roads, bridges, highways and infrastructure, YOU make civilization possible.

We all understand the economy has been tough for construction owners and I understand you have made severe adjustments in YOUR lifestyle and YOUR businesses; however; just know this too shall pass because there is nothing new under the sun.

Now is the time to get back to basics of Marketing / Accounting / Production. And reconnect with YOUR business, YOUR clients, YOUR employees and YOUR support team because there are things that YOU do better than anyone else in the markets that YOU serve.

Shares Keys To Peace Of Mind And How To Generate Profits In YOUR Construction Business in any economy. It all comes down to a strategic management system that orchestrates Marketing, Accounting and Production to work together to produce predicable results. The System Is The Solution. There is no peace of mind or profit in Chaos, only STD's: Stress, Terror, and Drama.

Serving Contractors Like YOU Is Our Calling - Builders, Remodelers, General and Specialty Contractors, Handyman, Building Maintenance and other Home Service providers.

YOUR One-Stop-Solution For - Outsourced Accounting Services, Job Costing, Payroll, Sales Tax, business coaching, mentoring and customized QuickBooks Reports.

Having Been Gifted With A Sense Of Purpose To Serve Contractors Like YOU - To achieve success on YOUR terms.

YOU Are The Person We Will Be Focused On As We Work Together Which Means

My Role Is To Learn And Understand The Following:

  1. What YOU need now?

  2. What is keeping YOU awake at night?

  3. What are your cash management issues?

  4. Are you behind on taxes and need someone to talk to the tax collectors?

  5. Are you having payroll issues?

If YOU Have Read This Far YOU Must Have Interest In Hiring Me - YOU may have noticed most of my profile is about YOU and YOUR interests.

Having Worked With Accountants - Attended numerous seminars, and dealt with 100's of accountants it has become apparent most of them are really good people with high intentions to serve their clients by promoting their education and accomplishments. That method appears to work all industries except Construction.

Contractors Don't Care For - Accountants that Blow Their Own Horn - And tell YOU about what is important about them. The ME syndrome; ME, ME, ME, my education my certifications, my Awards. It's all about ME and how important I am and why YOU should stand in AWE of ME and my great accomplishments.

If YOU were wondering why I did not list all my degrees and certifications now YOU understand.

Well, I Have Been A Contractor - Lived with Contractors, all my friends are Contractors and the ones who are not Contractors have a lot of respect for Contractors.

NOW - Having been involved in Construction, construction bookkeeping services, cash flow management and accounting for over 30 years I am more comfortable every day, yet there is lots of new information to keep track of in order to grow my skillsets.

How about YOU send me an e-mail or pick up the phone and contact me so we can get on the job of helping YOU achieve YOUR definition of success. 

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